The line of THORBLADE circular saw blades is composed of saws with interchangeable and coated carbide inserts. This line is ideal for cutting metallic materials with large cross-sections in the form of rails, bars, tubes and profiles or multiple cuts in automatic machines. This line of saw blades is manufactured on demand.

Thorblade I

THORBLADE I has a screw at the center of the insert. This securing is ideal when the material to be cut is at ambient temperature or when the material is very hard, which requires negative angles of attack.

Thorblade II

THORBLADE II has a screw positioned in the space between two consecutive teeth and secured by means of an open slot in the disk near the base of the insert to anchor it in the saw blade case, with the screw fixed in the middle of the gap between the teeth. This approach is recommended for the cutting of materials at temperatures above ambient temperature or when the material has medium or low hardness, which requires neutral and positive angles of attack.